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What can I say about Bathstore? Plenty. They are without doubt one of the worst businesses that I have ever dealt with. In November we bought a bath suite and shower suite from them. They delivered the wrong shower tray (should have been quadrant and they delivered square). They also delivered the wrong bath panel. When we called them they said we would have to return the items to the shop and pay for new ones and they would then refund the money onto our bank card when we received the new items. I was furious. I went into the shop and after some considerable argument they agreed to exchange the items without prior charge. I was being asked to pay for their mistake!!!!!! When we came to fit the bath the plumber realised that the mixer valve was defective. We called the store and they said to take it back to the shop. We did and guess what??? We had to pay for the new one before they would order it. They told us it would take up to 10 days. I checked on line and they were offering it on next day delivery. I told them in the shop that this was being offered and their answer was that they could not order it from the store so could I do it on-line. I suggested that I come to the store and we would ahem, discuss it. Funilly enough they suddenly discovered that they could order it but it was going to cost me £25 delivery to express it. I paid this as it was cheaper than having a plumber sitting around doing nothing. We would get a refund on the defective valve but it had to be by cheque and could take up to 28 days? They are an absolute shambles. I run a business and I can refund customers same day if needed.Why cant they? On one occasion I spent 20 minutes calling the store without anyone answering the phone. I drove to the store and two members of staff were sitting on their mobile phones and the other had nipped out. There was not a customer in sight so they had not been busy. I even called the store from the car park outside the shop to see if anyone answered and guess what they didn't. They are not, i have discovered the cheapest either. They offer 50% discounts etc and you think that you are getting a good deal but by the time you add all of the unforeseen extras such as handles for the shower screen, valves, wastes etc you have paid double what you thought you were going to pay. Go to a plumbers merchants, they will be more knowledgeable and almost certainly cheaper. Their customer care stinks. Do yourself a favour and avoid Bathstore like the plague.They are a complete and utter joke.... the only thing is I am not laughing.

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